New Avengers: Endgame theory suggests Ant-Man will bring back all the dead heroes

It is well known that the role of Ant-man in Avengers: End Game is going to be very important. And now a fan theory named "holds any weight" proves that Ant-man will be the one to bring every Avenger back from the dead.

The new theory was shared on Reddit, by u/burghguy3. In his theory, he suggests that Scott will travel back in time to 1993 when he gets trapped in the Quantum Realm at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. He also points out at the time stamp on CCTV footage from Avengers base in the Endgame trailer also reads 1993.

After this when Scott will land in 1993, he will directly head to his mentor Hank. As Hank was his mentor and he was the one who knows everything related to Quantum Realm and the suits.

Check out the theory below:

“I think most people have seen the theories from the Endgame trailer that Scott was back in 1993 in front of Stark Industries. Well, if he is, I don’t think that would be his first stop. I think if he suddenly came out of the QR and realized he was back in 1993, his first stop would be to Hank. Hank was his mentor, Hank knew about the QR, about the suits, I mean, he literally invented the Pym Particles that brought him to the past. Hank also lives in town."
Some additional evidence: In Ant-man, Hank mentions that he’d been “watching Scott for some time now”. While that could be due to Scott’s criminal exploits, I think it’s because he met him in the past. Hank was also WAY too trusting of Scott with his Pym-tech. This is a guy who goes to great lengths to hide his tech from other people; the whole first movie is about Hank not wanting one of his former mentees from inventing his own version. Yet he hands it over on a silver platter to an ex-con he’s never even met before? It’s because he has met him, in the past, and he already had one of his suits, so Hank knew, logically, that he eventually trusted him with it.
This brings me to the casting speculation. My thought is that Emma Furhmann isn’t playing an older version of Cassie, but a younger version of Hope! She would have been a teenager in the 90s, and Emma even looks like a younger Evangeline Lilly.

The theory is pretty awesome. He might be right or even wrong. But it's good we got something new. The truth will get revealed on April 26 when the movie gets released. Until then we all can just make speculations. Who knows who will get it right. 

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