Marvel Fans Ask For Spoilers From Don Cheadle Even in The Bathroom

War Machine Aka Don Cheadle gets asked about the spoilers of movies even when he is in public toilet. Yes, you read that right. Don Cheadle was recently was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Don Cheadle

Where he revealed that many go too far in order to know movie spoilers. He even revealed that ones he was followed by some fans to the bathroom. He said:

“You shouldn’t ask people stuff when they’re doing their business,” Cheadle added. “Yeah. When you have your business in your hand, and you’re in a urinal… I don’t want to talk about the title of Endgame.” It’s like ‘Can’t you see what I’m doing right now?!’ ‘…Is it written down there?!’ No, it’s not!”

Even check out the video below to see the amazing reaction by the actor.

Avengers End Game is set to release on 26th April, 2018. 

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