5 Crazy Facts About Spider-Man Which You May Have Not Heard Before

5 Crazy Facts About Spider-Man Which You May Have Not Heard Before

Spider-Man is one of the most loved and popular superheroes. Peter Parker is the character who is Spider-Man in the comics and movies. He was bitten by a Spider from where he got powers. And turned him from a normal teenager to a Superhero.

But do you know some of the craziest facts about Spider-Man? If not don't worry. In today's post, we are going to tell you the 5 craziest facts about Spider-Man.

5) Spider-Man was inspired by a house fly

Spider-Man was inspired by a house fly

Stan Lee came up with an idea of creating a superhero like Spiderman from a house fly. After seeing a fly in his house he decided to create a character who can stick to vertical surfaces and then fly like a house fly.

So he started to work on his idea and came up with 'Stick-to-Wall' man at first. But he didn't like the name so he started searching for a better name and after going through a lot of names like 'Fly Man' and 'Insect Man'. He ended up on Spider-Man. And later took the help of Steve Ditko to draw up the character.

But when he first proposed his idea to Martin Goodman (Chief of Marvel Comics at that time), said it was the worst concept ever. But now we all know what's the value of Spider-Man.

4) Peter Parker is not the first Spider-Man

Peter Parker is not the first Spider-Man

If you think Peter Parker is the first Spider-Man then you are wrong.

As I told you above that Stan Lee's idea of Spider-Man was refused by the Chief of Marvel Comic. So he decided to include the character in one of the famous on-going series known as 'Amazing Fantasy' to test out the character.

And as a matter of fact the readers loved the character after seeing him in the series. The fan's started to ask for more of Spider-Man as he was killed in the same issue he was introduced. Later Martin Goodman decided to let Stan Lee take his idea further and Spider-Man then debuted in his own first featured comic in 1963 titled The Amazing Spider-Man #1.

3) Spider-Man Has Dated Many Woman's

Spider-Man Has Dated Many Woman's

In the movies, you may have seen that Nerds are not considered cool and no one likes to make them their friends. But this is not true and Spider-Man is a living example of that.

Peter Parker was a nerd in his High School and College life. But still, he was linked with Mary Jane. And not just her he was even linked with other woman's as well like Debra Whitman, Marcy Kane, Gwen Stacy, his roommate’s sister, Gwen Stacy’s cousin, Betty Brant, Felicia Hardy, and even Captain Marvel.

2) Spider-Man sperm is Radioactive

Spider-Man sperm is Radioactive

In one of the future storylines, Mary Jane ends up being the wife of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Flash forward to a few years later we see Peter Parker all alone, aged up and done being a Superhero.

But, when the Sinister Six comes again to destroy the city. He comes out of his retirement to save the city.

After dealing with the Sinister Six and saving the city, we see Peter at Mary Jane's grave where he explains how Mary Jane died. And It turns out with the special powers his whole body became radioactive. Which means if there is any transfer of fluid between Peter Parker and someone else. The other person will die from cancer because of the Spider-Man radioactive fluid.

1) Spider-Man Has teamed up with President Barack Obama

Spider-Man Has teamed up with President Barack Obama

In the comic book The Amazing Spider-Man #583, Spider-Man and Barack Obama teamed up to capture a villain.

In the mission, Spider-Man has to capture a villain known as Chameleon. And during his pursuit, he encounters two Barack Obamas. In which one is an imposter. So to know who is real and who is fake. He asked both of them what was Barack Obama's High School name. One of them answers whereas the other is revealed to be the villain Chameleon.

So did you know any of the above told Spider-Man Craziest Facts? Tell us in the comment section below.

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