3 Reasons Why Avengers: Endgame Trailer Might Be Lying to Us

3 Reasons Why Avengers: Endgame Trailer Might Be Lying to Us

Since Avengers: Age of Ultron Marvel has been faking its trailer. I guess by this time you may already know this but if not let me tell you.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch were missing from the climax scene. In Civil War trailer Spider-Man was not in the running shot. In Avengers: Infinity War they faked Hulk. So seeing there past I guess there are many reasons to believe that Avengers: Endgame trailer could be lying to us. And below are the reasons for it:

3) Shuri Is Not Dead

Shuri Is Not Dead

Before the release of the trailer, we knew that Shuri will be alive. As in the Infinity War, she was not shown dead. And even Angela Basset who plays Shuri’s mother, Queen Ramonda, also confirmed that Shuri and her character survived the snap, via Screen Rant.

In an interview with ScreenRant, she said:
“No. Neither did my daughter. Shuri, she’s a bright girl there in Wakanda. So…”

Seeing Angela Basset confirming that Shuri made it out alive. We can expect her hiding somewhere and could be one of the mysteries of the film.

2) Thanos Will Not Be Wearing The Gauntlet

Thanos in Avengers: End Game

This is one of the questions which is in every fans mind. Because we last saw Thanos on an Unnamed planet. Where he is living a life of a farmer which we even saw in the trailer. But the biggest question to ask here is why is Thanos still wearing a damaged Gauntlet. As he has already fulfilled his mission.

The Gauntlet might still be functional but still, there is no use of it now. So I guess in the movie we might not see him wearing Infinity Gauntlet.

1) Tony’s Has New Clothes

Tony Stark

The trailer began's with Tony Stark on the Benatar and recording for a message for his better half Pepper. But the question which arises here is how did Tony get a new set of clothes.

Tony Stark

The last time we saw him he was wearing a Nanotech armor under his jacket with no other clothing inside. But in the trailer, we see with a tank on, which you may have seen in the previous movies. And not just it. We can also see him with a new T-shirt in a wide shot taken outside the Benatar.

Tony Stark

Okay I know now you will be saying that it could be a Peter Quill’s t-shirt racked upon the Benatar. But I cannot image Peter wearing a black tank west that Tony has been wearing repeatedly in the previous movies. Can you.

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